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Alphabetic File Extension List

This list will take for a moment to be fully loaded as the file extension lists are quite long. These lists contain information about the extension name, the name of the program, and the creator's company. Click on the extension to see the detail page. The total extensions in this list: 105.

Extension Information
VB VBScript File or Any VisualBasic Source
VB Playstation Wave Bank Body Format (Sony Corporation of America)
VBA VBase File
VBD ActiveX (Microsoft Corporation)
VBD Visual Basic 5 Active Document
VBE VBScript Encoded Script File
VBK CallPilot Audio File (Nortel Networks)
VBK VitalSource Bookshelf VitalBook Format eBook (VitalSource Technologies, Inc.)
VBK Veeam Backup Virtual Machine Backup File (Veeam)
VBN Norton Corporate Anti-Virus Quarantined File
VBP Visual Basic Ver. 4.0-6.0 Project (Microsoft Corporation)
VBS MPEG Movie Clip
VBS Visual Basic for Applications Script (Microsoft Corporation)
VBW Visual Basic Project Workplace
VCD VirtualDrive CD Image File (FarStone Technology, Inc.)
VCD Virtual CD-ROM CD Image File (H+H Zentrum fuer Rechnerkommunikation GmbH)
VCE Visual CE Class Type File (SYWARE, Inc.)
VCE Yamaha Normal Voice File (Yamaha Corporation of America)
VCE Casting Electronic Enterprise Video Archive for CV (Casting Electronic)
VCF VirtualDub Processing Settings (Avery Lee)
VCF Vevi Configuration File
VCF vCard File
VCM Interwise Participant Recorded WebCast File (Interwise, Inc.)
VCR Arvid VCR Driver
VCR Motocross Madness 2 User Recorded Video (Microsoft Corporation)
VCR ATI Video Recorder
VCS vCalendar File
VCS Valve Game Shader File (Valve Corporation)
VDB Dr. Web Anti-Virus Database (DialogueScience, Inc.)
VDB Norton AntiVirus Update File (Symantec)
VDB VistaDB Database (Vista Software)
VDF AntiVir Virus Definition (H+BEDV Datentechnik GmbH)
VDF Visionary Deposition Viewer Database (Visionary Legal Technologies)
VDF VirtualDub Filter Plug-in (Avery Lee)
VDI VirtualBox Hard-Drive Interface File (innotek GmbH)
VDM SolidCut CAD/CAM Graphics and Machining File (Camtek Ltd.)
VDM VEDIT Macro File (Greenview Data, Inc.)
VDX Veedid Desktop To-Do List XML Database File (Veedid Software)
VDX Vector Graphic File
VDX Virtual Device Driver
VEM Micro Vault Compressed File (Sony Corporation)
VEM VeePro Embroidery Software Format
VEM Vemail Voice E-mail File (NCH Swift Sound)
VF Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
VFS GnomeVFS Virtual File System
VHD Vista Complete PC Backup File (Microsoft Corporation)
VHD Quartus II VHDL Design File (Altera Corporation)
VHD Virtual PC Virtual Hard Disk (Microsoft Corporation)
VI LabVIEW Virtual Instrument File (National Instruments Corporation)
VI FreeFlow Variable Information (VI) Project File (Xerox Corporation)
VID TrialDirector VideoNote File (inData Corporation)
VID Screen Driver
VID Media Player Video
VIEW GOM Atos Scanner File
VIM VIM (Vi IMproved) Editor File
VIR Virus Infected File
VIRUS F-Secure Renamed File Thought to be Infected (F-Secure)
VIV Vivaldi Studio Score File (goVivaldi Inc.)
VIV Game Info File
VIV Vividas Video (Vividas Group plc)
VLC ACUCOBOL-GT License File (Acucorp, Inc.)
VLT Darn! Passwords! Vault File (Thornsoft Development, Inc.)
VLT VLC Player Skin
VM Sakai Project Template (The Sakai Foundation)
VM Geoworks Virtual Memory File
VM Samsung Cell Phone Voice Memo (Samsung)
VMC Virtual Memory Configuration
VMC DESQview Video Monitor Configuration (Symantec Corporation)
VMC Virtual PC Virtual Machine (Microsoft Corporation)
VMDK VMware Virtual Disk File (VMware, Inc.)
VMX VectorMAX Streaming Video
VNT Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone Note File (Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB)
VOB DVD Video Movie File
VOC Creative Labs Sound
VOL Earth Siege 2 Archive
VOX VoxWare MetaVoice Encoded Audio (Voxware, Inc.)
VOX SuperVoice Voice File (ITMS Ltd)
VPK EverQuest II Game Archive (Sony Online Entertainment)
VPK Verge Pack Files Created by PackEd (VERGE Co Ltd)
VPL vanBasco Karaoke Player Playlist File
VRO StatCrew Roster File (Stat Crew Software)
VRO DVD Recorder File
VSD Visio Drawing (Microsoft Corporation)
VSP ClosetMaid Visual Storage Planner Design (Computer Human Interaction, LLC)
VSP VideoStudio Project File (Corel Corporation)
VSS Shapeware Visio Smartshapes File
VST Targa Bitmap
VSV Virtual PC Virtual Machine Saved-State (Microsoft Corporation)
VTF Steam Source SDK Compiled Texture File (Valve Corporation)
VTS ParaView VTK Structured Grid (Kitware, Inc.)
VTS VTune Performance Monitor Project File (Intel)
VTX Vertex 2D CAD Drawing (Vertex Systems Oy)
VTX Steam Source SDK Compiled Model File (Valve Corporation)
VVF ViVerify Fingerprint
VXD Virtual Device Driver

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