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Alphabetic File Extension List

This list will take for a moment to be fully loaded as the file extension lists are quite long. These lists contain information about the extension name, the name of the program, and the creator's company. Click on the extension to see the detail page. The total extensions in this list: 95.

Extension Information
BAD Brutus Application Definition File
BAK Backup
BAR Age of Mythology
BAS BASIC Source Code
BAS e.Report Designer Actuate Basic Source (Actuate Corporation)
BAT Batch Processing (Microsoft Corporation)
BATCH Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
BBV PPLive Cache? (PPLive Inc.)
BC Low Level Virtual Machine (LLVM) Bytecode (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Computer Science Department)
BC BCwin Project Data (Procedimientos-Uno, S.L.)
BC BitComet Incomplete Download (
BCC C++ File/Makefile (Borland Software Corporation)
BCF MyLabel Designer Deluxe Label File (Avanquest Publishing USA, Inc.)
BCF Business Card Designer Pro Business Card Design (Belltech Systems, LLC)
BCK Backup
BCP Business Card Designer Plus Design File (CAM Development)
BCP Bambalam PHP EXE Compiler/Embedder Project File (Bambalam)
BDB CHASE Evaluation and Audit System Executable (Health And Safety Technology And Management Ltd.)
BDB Blaise Database (Statistics Netherlands)
BDF Backup To CD-RW Backup Definition File
BDF Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
BDF UNIX Font File
BDM Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
BDM Blaise File (Statistics Netherlands)
BIF GroupWise Initialization File (Novell, Inc.)
BIF BioWare Infinity Engine Archive of Resources (BioWare Corp.)
BIF Binary Information File
BIG Chinese Text
BIG Electronic Arts Game MOD File (Electronic Arts, Inc.)
BIG Home World 2 SGA Archive (Relic Entertainment Inc.)
BIK Bink and Smacker Game Video File Codec (RAD Game Tools, Inc.)
BIN Binary File
BIN CDRWin CD Image File
BIN Linux Executable
BIN AVG Update File (AVG Technologies)
BITMAP Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
BIX Digital Video Witness CCTV Data File (Kodicom Co., Ltd)
BIX Civilization III Scenario (Firaxis Games, Inc.)
BIX BIX Archiver Compressed Archive
BIZ BIZ dVS Model/Object
BIZ ShowBiz Project File (ArcSoft, Inc.)
BKF WindowsXP Backup Utility Backup Set (Microsoft Corporation)
BKP Backup
BLB ACT! Database File (Best Software CRM Division)
BLB Blob File
BLB Blorb Game Resource Package
BLD Developer Studio MAK (Microsoft Corporation)
BLD ACT! (Best Software CRM Division)
BLD 3D Home Design Suite Model (Cadsoft Corporation)
BLF ObjectStore Distribution File (Franz Inc.)
BLF Beast 2.02 Trojan File
BLF Advanced Computer Architecture Car Simulation
BLG Windows Binary Performance Log
BLP Blizzard Game Picture (Blizzard Entertainment)
BMC Embroidery Graphic File
BMF Corel Flow Image File (Corel)
BMF ByteMap Font
BMF BMF Bitmap
BMP Infinity Game Engine Palette Information (BioWare Corp.)
BMP Award AWBM BIOS Bitmap (Phoenix Technologies LTD)
BMP Windows OS/2 Bitmap Graphics
BNK AdLib Instrument Bank
BNK ExamView Question Bank (FSCreations, Inc.)
BOO Boo Class File
BOO Microsoft Booasm.arc Compressed Archive File
BOO Kermit Protocol Binary Bootstrap File
BOOK FrameMaker Book (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
BOX Foxmail E-Mail Box
BOX Systems Management Server (SMS) Temporary Holding Area (Microsoft Corporation)
BOX Calypso Email Mailbox (Rose City Software)
BPF F-Secure Base Policy File (F-Secure)
BPF Cash Compass Table Formatting (Palo Alto Software, Inc.)
BPL AutoCAD R2000 Batch Plot List (Autodesk, Inc.)
BPL Delphi Library (Borland Software Corporation)
BQY BrioQuery File (Oracle)
BRD EAGLE Layout Editor Board File (CadSoft Computer GmbH)
BRD Allegro (Cadence Design Systems)
BRD BizInt Smart Charts for Pharmaceuticals Data Transfer Format (BizInt Solutions)
BRO Embroidery File
BRO BR-532 Digital Studio
BT BTwin Project Data (Procedimientos-Uno, S.L.)
BT VTBuilder Binary Terrain
BTD Power To-Do List Data File (Five O'clock Software)
BTR Btrieve Database File (Pervasive Software Inc.)
BTW BarTender Barcode Label (Seagull Scientific, Inc.)
BUP DVD Info File Backup
BUP Softcode Tracker Contact Manager Backup
BWI BlindWrite Ver. 4 Image File (VSO-Software)
BZ Bzip UNIX Compressed File
BZ2 Bzip 2 UNIX Compressed File

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