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Alphabetic File Extension List

This list will take for a moment to be fully loaded as the file extension lists are quite long. These lists contain information about the extension name, the name of the program, and the creator's company. Click on the extension to see the detail page. The total extensions in this list: 133.

Extension Information
R00 WinRAR Split Compressed Archive (RarLab)
R01 WinRAR Split Compressed Archive (RarLab)
R01 MicroStation Modification Resource (Bentley Systems, Incorporated)
RA RealMedia Streaming Media (Real Networks, Inc.)
RAF Fuji CCD-RAW Graphic File (Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc.)
RAM RealMedia Metafile (RealNetworks, Inc.)
RAR WinRAR Compressed Archive (RarLab)
RAS Sun Raster Graphic (Sun)
RAS Supposed Compressed Torrent File
RATDVD ratDVD DVD Container (RatDVD - Canada)
RAW Raw Data for CD-ROM Writing (Nero AG)
RAW Image Alchemy HSI Temporary Raw Bitmap
RAW RAW RGB 24-bit Graphic
RB REALbasic Project (REAL Software, Inc.)
RB Ruby Script (Ruby Community)
RB Rosebud Configuration Profile (Harald-René Flasch)
RBF Rollback File (Microsoft Corporation)
RBF Quartus II Raw Binary File (Altera Corporation)
RBS Rollback Script (Microsoft Corporation)
RBS RealiMation 3D Object
RC Mozilla (Netscape) Subscription Information (
RC UNIX Configuration or Initialization File
RC Compiler Resource File
RCD Arcade Input File (Kirk Martini, University of Virginia)
RCD pcAnywhere Recorded Session File (Symantec Corporation)
RCF Rhapsody Cache (RealNetworks)
RDB Wavelet Image Recording
RDB Darkbot Random Database File (Darkbot - The talking IRC bot)
RDB ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Rules Database (Zone Labs)
RDF Mozilla (Netscape) Settings File (Resource Description Framework) (Mozilla)
RDF Resource Description Framework RSS Feed (Ver. 0.9 and 1.0) (World Wide Web Consortium)
RDF ICRA Site Label File (Internet Content Rating Association (ICRA))
RDL Symbian Recogniser Library
RDL SQL Server Reporting Services Report Definition Language (Microsoft Corporation)
RDL Descent Registered Level
RDP Remote Desktop Connection (Microsoft Corporation)
RDS Ray Dream Studio Native Data Format (Eovia Corporation)
RDS ERMIS Radio Data System
REC ARCserve Archivation Protocol (Computer Associates International, Inc.)
REC Easy CD Creator Recovery File (Sonic Solutions)
REC EpiData Data File (EpiData Association)
REG Mozilla (Netscape) XPCOM Registry (
REG Registry Data File (Microsoft Corporation)
REM Delphi Memory Swap File (Borland)
REM Annotation
REM ACT! Database Maintenance File (Best Software CRM Division)
REP Complete Works Report (Toplevel Computing)
REP Sphinx Responses (Le Sphinx Développement)
REP Report File
RES FlyFF Resource File (Aeonsoft, Inc.)
RES Resource File
RES Infinity Game Engine Character Biography (BioWare Corp.)
RFA Battlefield 1942 Unit/Object Texture Archive (Electronic Arts, Inc.)
RGB Intermediate Format Graphic
RGB Silicon Graphics RGB Bitmap (Silicon Graphics, Inc.)
RGB Intergraph Raster Graphic (Intergraph Corporation)
RGS RealArcade Secured Game Installer (RealNetworks Inc.)
RGS InstallShield Script for Windows Registry (Acresso Software Inc.)
RIF FutuRUG Encrypted Resident Information File (Two Brothers Software)
RIF Fractal Painter Bitmap
RIFF Audio File
RIS Reference Manager RIS Format (The Thomson Corporation)
RIS Bibliographic Reference File
RM RealMedia Streaming Media (RealNetworks, Inc.)
RMJ RealAudio Media (RealNetworks, Inc.)
RMS Dynamite VSP Road Marking Style (3am Solutions (UK) Limited)
RMS AutoCAD Data File for Boss RMS
RMVB RealVideo Variable Bit Rate File (RealNetworks, Inc.)
RMX Reference Manager Database Indes (The Thomson Corporation)
RMX RealMedia Secure Media Clip (RealNetworks, Inc.)
RND AutoCAD Autoshade Rendering Slide (Autodesk, Inc.)
RND PDP-10 RUNOFF Input (Created DOC)
ROM Read Only Memory Image
ROM MZ700 Emulator
RPC Rifts Character Generator Character File (5th Gear Productionz)
RPC Crystal Reports (Microsoft Corporation)
RPC RAR Password Cracker Project (dnSoft Research Group)
RPD RosaPro File
RPD Rapidfile Database
RPM RedHat Package Manager
RPM RealMedia Player Plug-in (RealNetworks)
RPT Systems Management Server (SMS) Replication File With Transaction Processing (Microsoft Corporation)
RPT Crystal Reports Output File (Report) (Crystal Decisions)
RPT Report
RRD ERDAS IMAGINE (Leica Geosystems , LLC)
RRD RapidReader Document (SoftOlogy IdeaWorks, LLC)
RRD RRDtool Round-Robin Database (OETIKER+PARTNER AG)
RSC SymbianOS Application Resource File (Symbian Software Ltd)
RSC Resource File
RSC Compiled Resource
RSD Resort Software Database (Resort Software Pty. Ltd.)
RSD Roland Visual MT File
RSM Resume
RSM ReliaSoft MPC 3
RSP Linker Response File
RSP Universal Installer Response File (Oracle)
RSP ODBC Driver Configuration File (Microsoft)
RSR 4th Dimension Database Resource Fork (4D, Inc.)
RSS ReliaSoft BlockSim
RSS PlanMan Image (Invarion Pty Ltd)
RST LochMaster Strip Board (ABACOM Ingenieurbüro)
RST AVG System Restore Files (AVG Technologies)
RTC Rescue Me File
RTF Rich Text Format File
RTFD NeXT RTF-Packet Rich Text File with Attachments (Apple Inc.)
RTL Borland Runtime Library (Borland Software Corporation)
RTL HP Color Printer Raster Transfer Language (Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.)
RTM ReliaSoft RG
RTM Real Tracker Module/Song
RTP Patch File (Microsoft Corporation)
RTP Gerber Sign-making Software File
RTX Mobile Phone Ringtone
RUF ProWORX Nxt Address Used Tables Reference (Schneider Electric)
RUN ISAPI Loader Current ISAPI Application (EGGcentric)
RUN UNIX Shell Installer Script
RUN AMOS Executable File (Alpha Micro)
RV RealVideo Clip (Real Networks, Inc.)
RVT IEX Workforce Management Report
RVT Apache Rivet Tcl File
RZR in-sync Speed Razor Project File

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