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Alphabetic File Extension List

This list will take for a moment to be fully loaded as the file extension lists are quite long. These lists contain information about the extension name, the name of the program, and the creator's company. Click on the extension to see the detail page. The total extensions in this list: 369.

Extension Information
SAF MusicMatch Jukebox Secure Audio File
SAF Stronghold Encrypted File (Helix Software)
SAF Twelve Ghosts File
SAM Map File
SAM Ami Pro Document (IBM)
SAP AlbumPlus Album (Serif)
SAP SAP Thomson Disk Image
SAP Atari SAP Music Format (Atari)
SAR Yamaha S.Art Voices (Yamaha Corporation of America)
SAR Squeak Package (Squeak Community)
SAR Phoenix Server Applications Standard Distribution Format
SAS Orchida Embroidery System (Orchida Soft)
SAS StreamAction Script (fCoder Group)
SAS SAS Program (SAS Institute Inc.)
SAT Surprise! AdLib Tracker
SAT Firefox Bookmark Backup File
SAT ACIS Solid Model
SAV Saved File
SAV Free Download Manager Download Data (Free Download
SAV Daemon Tools Pro Disk Image (The Daemons Home)
SB Scratch Finished Product File (MIT's Lifelong Kindergarten Research Group)
SB Audio
SB Small Basic Source Code (Microsoft Corporation)
SBD Mozilla (Netscape) Mail Subdirectory (
SBF Superbase 95 File (Superbase Developers plc)
SBK Asymetrics ToolBook System Book (SumTotal)
SBK SWiSH Backup File
SBK ToolBook Instructor/Assistant Book (SumTotal Systems, Inc.)
SBN ArcView Spatial Index For Read-Write Shapefiles (ESRI)
SBR Source Browser Support File
SBX ArcView Spatial Index For Read-Write Shapefiles (ESRI)
SBX Illustrator Tsume (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
SC Framework Screen Driver (Selections & Functions, Inc.)
SC Ingres Embedded SQL/C Source File (Computer Associates International, Inc.)
SCAN Thunderscan Image File
SCB Scala InfoChannel Published Script
SCC Microsoft Extended Home Computer Bitmap
SCC Visual SourceSafe Control File (Microsoft Corporation)
SCC Scenarist Closed Caption File (Sonic Solutions)
SCD Systems Management Server (SMS) Site Control File Deletion (Microsoft Corporation)
SCD SCODL Scan Conversion Object Description Language Graphic
SCD Agfa/Matrix SCODL Bitmap
SCF Windows Explorer Command Shell Command File (Microsoft Corporation)
SCF VIA Setup Configuration File (VIA Technologies, Inc.)
SCF DNA Sequence Chromatogram
SCH EAGLE Layout Editor Schematic File (CadSoft Computer GmbH)
SCH Designer Schematic Capture Binary File (Altium Limited)
SCH FTP Voyager Scheduled FTP File Transfer (Rhino Software, Inc.)
SCM ScreenCam Movie (IBM)
SCM ICQ Sound Compressed Sound Scheme (ICQ Inc.)
SCM Grand Theft Auto III Mission Script (Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.)
SCN pcAnywhere Recorded Screen Shot (Symantec Corporation)
SCN BPM Studio Scan Files (ALCATech)
SCN Visual Basic (Microsoft Corporation)
SCP ColorRIX VGA Paint Bitmap (RIX SoftWorks Inc.)
SCP Atari Disk Image (Atari)
SCR Windows Screen Saver
SCR Script
SCR Image Pro Plus Ver. 1.x - 4.5.1.x Macro (Media Cybernetics Inc.)
SCRIPT SitePad Pro Script File (Modelworks Software)
SCRIPT Desktop DNA Application Script
SCX ColorRIX VGA Paint Bitmap (RIX SoftWorks Inc.)
SCX Age of Empires II Scenario File (Microsoft Corporation)
SCX Starcraft Scenario/Map (Blizzard Entertainment)
SDA StarOffice Drawing (Sun)
SDA OneSpace Designer Assembly (CoCreate)
SDA Drawing (
SDB Windows Compatibility Solution Database (Microsoft Corporation)
SDB ACT! Sales Data File (Best Software CRM Division)
SDB SQLite Database (SQLite Consortium)
SDC StarOffice Spreadsheet (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
SDC Spreadsheet (
SDC Sexy Desktops Data File (Dancing Bits)
SDF SQL Server Compact Edition Database File (Microsoft Corporation)
SDF MSN Local Machine Mail Storage File (Microsoft Corporation)
SDF Ground Control Map File (Massive Entertainment)
SDI Smart Diary Suite Index (Programming Sunrise)
SDI SeeYou Flight Data (Naviter)
SDI Borland Single Document Interface (Borland Software Corporation)
SDP StarOffice Picture File (Sun)
SDP Presentation (
SDP QuickTime Session Description Protocol File (Apple Inc.)
SDR Dell System Information File
SDS Smart Diary Suite Main Database (Programming Sunrise)
SDS Chart (
SDS StarOffice Chart (Sun)
SDT Grand Theft Auto III Audio Structure Data (Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.)
SDT Siemens Mobile Theme (Siemens AG)
SDT Dungeon Keeper 2 Archive
SDW StarOffice Text (Sun)
SDW Text Document (
SDW Word Pro Graphic (IBM)
SEA SCS Programs Data Related To SCS Encryption Methods (Standby Computer Systems)
SEA StuffIT Expander Archive Format (Smith Micro Software)
SEC TAPCIS Forum Section File
SEC Compressed Archive File
SED Self Extracting Directive File (Microsoft Corporation)
SED Sed/unix Doc File
SED Sedertree Matrix Wheeling Systems System Profile (Bayesoft Technologies)
SEF Encryptafile Digital Signature File (XenoSystems, LLC)
SEQ Bubble Chamber Sequential Instruction File
SEQ CyberPaint Sequence (Animation)
SEQ StreamPix Norpix Sequence Format (NorPix, Inc.)
SER Java Serialized Object File (Sun)
SES Clarion for Modula-2 Session Data (SoftVelocity)
SES Audition Session File (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
SES HostAccess Session Configuration File (Quovadx, Inc.)
SET BPM Studio Encrypted User Information (ALCATech)
SET Nikon Capture Settings File (Nikon Inc.)
SET Backup File Set (Microsoft Corporation)
SF IRCAM SoundFile
SF Powerhouse Subfile Data File
SF STATGRAPHICS Data File (Manugistics, Inc.)
SFC Motic Images Plus Image (Motic)
SFD FontForge Spline Font Database
SFD Powerhouse Subfile Dictionary
SFD PDP-10 Sub File Directory
SFF RVS-COM Fax File (Living Byte Software GmbH)
SFF Fritz Fax-Print File
SFF Soldier Front Client Map/Weapon/Character Model (NHN USA, Inc.)
SFK ACID PRO Audio Waveform (Sony Pictures Digital Inc.)
SFK Sound Forge Peak Data File (Sony Corporation of America)
SFS StarOffice Frame (Sun)
SFS Squashfs File System Image
SFS Frame (
SFV Easy SFV Creator
SFV QuickSFV Checksum File Verification Database
SFV fsum SFV Checksum File (SlavaSoft Inc.)
SFW Seattle Film Works Bitmap Graphic (PhotoWorks)
SFW Sound Forge XP Studio Project (Sony)
SFX Self-extracting Archive
SGM Visual Boy Advance Saved State File
SGM Standard Generalized Markup Language
SGM Encoded Archival Description Document (The Library of Congress)
SGN Sierra Print Artist Sign
SH UNIX/LINUX Shell Script
SHD Metatools Bryce Support Materials Catalogue
SHD ArcView ARC/INFO Shadeset Symbol File (ESRI)
SHN Shorten Audio Compression File (SoftSound Limited)
SHORTCUT As-U-Type Text Shortcut File (Fanix Software)
SHP Command & Conquer File (Westwood Studios)
SHP Clarion for Windows Ship List (SoftVelocity)
SHP 3D Modeling
SHS Shell Scrap Object File (Microsoft Corporation)
SHW Expression Off-line 3.1 Show File
SHW Harvard Graphics DOS Ver. 2/x Presentation (Harvard Graphics)
SHX RAZR Flash File (Motorola, Inc.)
SHX ArcView DataBase Index (ESRI)
SIB ShipInBottle Compressed File
SID LizardTech MrSID Photo (LizardTech, Inc.)
SID Commodore64 (C64) Music File (SID File)
SID Systems Management Server (SMS) Software Inventory Delta (Microsoft Corporation)
SIF ISIF Format Vector Data
SIG Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Signs File (PGP Corporation)
SIG Panda Signature File (Panda Software International S.L.)
SIG Creatacard Fax Cover Sheet or Form or Sign or Photo Gallery Project (Broderbund)
SIM PDP-10 Simula-67 Compiler Source
SIM SAP Course Material (SAP)
SIM VTune Performance Monitor (Intel)
SIS Symbian OS Installer File (Symbian)
SIS Student Information System Data File (Enray Consulting, Inc.)
SIS Nokia Phone Program (Nokia)
SIT StuffIt Compressed Archive File (Smith Micro Software)
SIT IRT Cronista Infrared Image (GRAYESS Inc.)
SIT PDP-10 Steven's Institute of Technology Load-and-Go Fortran-77 Compiler Source
SITX StuffIt StuffIt X Archive (Aladdin Systems, Inc.)
SKB SketchUp Backup Document (Google)
SKF SkinCrafter Skin File (SkinCrafter)
SKF AutoSketch Thumbnail (Autodesk, Inc.)
SKM SketchUp Material Texture File (Google)
SKP SketchUp Document (Google)
SLC Business Integrator License File (Pervasive Software Inc.)
SLD Paint Shop Pro Styled Line (Corel Corporation)
SLD XnView Slide Show (Pierre-Emmanuel Gougelet)
SLD AutoCAD Slide (Autodesk, Inc.)
SLDPRT SolidWorks Part File (SolidWorks Corporation)
SLF Select-a-Net Language File (Digerati Technologies, LLC)
SLF Symantec License File (Symantec Corporation)
SLF Jagged Alliance 2
SLK Data Exchange File
SLN Windows Installer XML (WiX) Solution (Microsoft Corporation)
SLN Visual Studio .NET Solution (Microsoft Corporation)
SMC Soundweb Macro (BSS Audio)
SMC Super Nintendo Game-console ROM Image (Nintendo)
SMD Steam Source SDK Model Source File (Valve Corporation)
SMD StarOffice Mail (Sun)
SMD Mail Document (
SMF System Monitor Session (Towodo Software)
SMF Formula (
SMF StarOffice Formula (Sun)
SMI CC:Mail Smart Icon (IBM)
SMI Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language
SMI Self Mounting Image File (Apple Inc.)
SMIL Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language
SMIL Real Player Sound File
SMP PhotoImpact Presets (Ulead Systems, Inc.)
SMP Ad Lib Gold Sample
SMP IMail Server Mail Message (Ipswitch, Inc.)
SMS Train Simulator Sound Management System (Microsoft Corporation)
SMS Package Definition File (Microsoft Corporation)
SMV SigmaTel Motion Video (SigmaTel Inc.)
SMV MATLAB (The MathWorks, Inc.)
SMV Cadence Symbolic Model Verifier File
SNK Strong Name Key File (Microsoft Corporation)
SNP CoffeeCup HTML Editor Snippet (CoffeeCup Software, Inc.)
SNP Worm W32/Nafbot-B
SNP Access Snapshop (Microsoft Corporation)
SO Executable and Linkable Format File
SO TAPCIS Sysop Commands (Sysop Version Only)
SO UNIX Shared Library Function
SOL Flash MX SharedObject (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
SP Splint Compressed Archive File
SP Micrografx ABC Snap Graphic
SP SignPlot Sign-face Data Format File (Buchanan Computing)
SPB ToolBook Instructor/Assistant Book (SumTotal Systems, Inc.)
SPB SpareBrains
SPC Crimson Editor Language Specification (Ingyu Kang)
SPC 2D Graphic
SPC Interact Shark Port Code Save (Mad Catz, Inc.)
SPD Sealed Acrobat Document (SealedMedia)
SPD ACT! SideACT! Data (Best Software CRM Division)
SPF Jose SciEditor Project
SPF 2D Graphic
SPF SlingPlayer Saved Favorites File (Sling Media)
SPG Sprint Glossary
SPG TCP Optimizer Saved Settings (Speed Guide, Inc.)
SPK Acorn Spark Compressed Archive
SPK SYNETSIM Spiked Firing Output File
SPK SpyProof! Encrypted Symmetric Key File (Information Security Corporation)
SPL Compressed Archive File
SPL sPlan Circuit Diagram (ABACOM Ingenieurbüro)
SPL Flash FutureSplash Document (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
SPO SPSS Output Document (SPSS, Inc.)
SPP SPSS Windows Production Mode Output (SPSS, Inc.)
SPP XSLT Designer Virtual Project (Altova)
SPP PhotoPlus Native Format File (Serif)
SPR NeroMix (Nero AG)
SPR Half-Life Sprite (Sierra Entertainment, Inc.)
SPR Brother Powernote Spreadsheet
SPS XSLT Designer Template (Altova)
SPS SharkPort File (Mad Catz, Inc.)
SPS 2D Graphic
SPT TM FilePacker Archive (TMA Project)
SPT egseing Spectrum Mode
SPT Split File
SPV SPSS Analysis Output (SPSS, Inc.)
SPV American McGee Alice Saved Game File (Electronic Arts, Inc.)
SPX Foxpro Compiler Screen Program (Microsoft Corporation)
SPX Ogg Speex Profile
SQL Structured Query Language Data
SQM Windows Live Messenger Log File (Microsoft Corporation)
SRC Firefox Custom Search File (Mozilla)
SRC Win32Forth Sequential Block Data
SRC DataFlex Source Code (Data Access Corporation)
SRF FileLocator Pro Search Criteria File (Mythicsoft Ltd.)
SRF Sony DSC-F828 Raw Image File (Sony)
SRF Terragen Surface Map (Planetside Software)
SRS Outlook 2002 Send/Receive Settings File (Microsoft Corporation)
SRT Omron CX-Supervisor
SRT DVD Subtitle File
SRT Siemens Mobile Phone C60 Sound File (Siemens AG)
SRV BNBSURVEY Configuration File
SRV FBB Initialization File
SSA Visual SourceSafe Backup Archive (Microsoft Corporation)
SSA Empire Earth Custom Assets File (Sierra Entertainment, Inc.)
SSD Base SAS Database (SAS Institute Inc.)
SSF BioWare Aurora Engine Sound Set (BioWare Corp.)
SSF Eventcorder Screenshots (CMS)
SSF GPS Pathfinder Office Almanac and Base Data File (Trinble Navigation Limited)
SSI HTML with Server Side Includes
SSI SSI Web Study File (Sawtooth Software, Inc.)
SSP SmartSync Pro (SmartSync Software)
SSP Professional Screen Saver Producer Screensaver Project (Axialis)
SSP Splitter Multipart Split File (Sarasoft)
ST Atari ST Disk Image
ST ShakeTracker
ST Progress Database Struction Definition (Progress Software Corporation)
STA Abaqus/CAE Information Summary File (Dassault Systèmes)
STB AutoCAD R2000 Plot Style Table (Autodesk, Inc.)
STC Spreadsheet Template (
STC StarOffice Spreadsheet Template (Sun)
STD SureThing CD Labeler Document File (MicroVision Development, Inc.)
STD StarOffice Drawing Template (Sun)
STD Drawing Template (
STF ACME Table Files
STF ISaGRAF POU (Program Organization Unit) File (ICS Triplex ISaGRAF Inc.)
STF Setup Information (Microsoft Corporation)
STG SNMP Traffic Grapher Network Graphic
STG ActiveSync (Microsoft Corporation)
STG Visual Pinball High Scores
STK Pivot Stickfigure Animator Stick Figure File (Peter Bone)
STK MetaMorph Imaging System Discovery-1 Software Stack (Universal Imaging Corporation)
STK CRiSP Harvest File
STL C++ Standard Template Library
STL EBU-standard Open and Teletext File (SoftNI Corporation)
STL Certificate Trust List
STM PhotoStudio Stamp (ArcSoft, Inc.)
STM Exchange Server Streaming Store (Microsoft Corporation)
STR ATOMS Structure File (Shape Software)
STR Surpac Vision Data Repository (Surpac Minex Group)
STS C Project Status Info (Microsoft Corporation)
STS Nimbus 7 SAMS Data File
STW Staroffice Writer Template (Sun)
STW Text Document Template (
STX Pinnacle Studio Project File (Pinnacle Systems, Inc.)
STX EditPlus Syntax File (ES-Computing)
STX Datastitch Embroidery Design/Editing/Lettering/Stitch Transfer (Data - Stitch, Inc.)
STY Yamaha General Style (Yamaha Corporation of America)
STY Band-in-a-Box Backing Style File (PG Music, Inc.)
STY Word for DOS Style Sheet (Microsoft Corporation)
SUB CaSat Suite Subtitling file (SoftNI Corporation)
SUB CloneCD Sub Channel Data (SlySoft Inc.)
SUB Rational Rose Component Package (IBM)
SUBTITLE TMPGEnc DVD Author 3 with DivX Authoring Subtitle File (Hiroyuki Hori / Pegasys Inc.)
SUO Visual Studio Solution User Options (Microsoft Corporation)
SUP BoundsChecker Error Suppression
SUP Supplemental Data
SUP Pro/ENGINEER Master Configuration File (PTC)
SVC Simple Visual Compiler
SVD Word Backup File (Microsoft Corporation)
SVD Video CD File
SVF Systems Management Server (SMS) Client/Server Component Status File (Microsoft Corporation)
SVF Simple Vector Format
SVG Scalable Vector Graphics File
SVG SuperView Graphic Bitmap
SVG Word Glossary Backup File (Microsoft Corporation)
SWA Shockwave Audio File
SWB Epson Personal Settings Information (Epson Corporation)
SWB Sametime Whiteboard File (IBM)
SWC Super Nintendo Super Wildcard ROM Image (Nintendo)
SWC Flash Component Distribution File (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
SWC Spanish Whiz Conversation Sound File (GB Blanchard)
SWD Flash Temporary Debugging File (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
SWD Settlers II Map (Ubisoft Entertainment)
SWD Storybook File
SWE NHL Ice Hockey 2002 Required File
SWE Personal Paint Swedish Language User Interface File (Amiga)
SWE Sweater Wizard Knitting Pattern (Knitting Software Inc.)
SWF Sidewinder (Force Feedback Joysticks) Profile Activator (Microsoft Corporation)
SWF Flash Format File (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
SWI Swish Data File
SWM Supportworks ESP Message (Hornbill Systems Ltd.)
SWP SolidWorks Macro (SolidWorks Corporation)
SWP EC997 Dyno Test Sweep Test (Factory Pro Tuning)
SWP MegaHAL Keyword Swap File (Ai Research)
SXC StarOffice Spreadsheet (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
SXC Spreadsheet (
SXC HPXView SONET/SDH Crossconnect Configuration File (Haliplex Communication Systems)
SXI StarOffice Presentation File (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
SXI Presentation File (
SXW Text Document (
SXW Staroffice Writer Document (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
SYLK Excel SYLK Spreadsheet Format (Microsoft Corporation)
SYS System Device Driver
SYS PDP-10 Syatem File

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