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Alphabetic File Extension List

This list will take for a moment to be fully loaded as the file extension lists are quite long. These lists contain information about the extension name, the name of the program, and the creator's company. Click on the extension to see the detail page. The total extensions in this list: 18.

Extension Information
Z01 WinZip Split Compressed Archive (WinZip International LLC (a Corel Company))
Z01 Back4Win Backup Archive (Alistair George Manufacturing)
ZAP WinTOTAL Report File (a la mode, inc.)
ZAP FileWrangler Compressed File
ZAP Zone Alarm Data (Zone Labs, Inc.)
ZDB Quicken On-line File (Intuit Inc.)
ZDB DesignPro Label Design (Avery)
ZDB CostOS Estimating Zipped Resources Database File (Nomitech Unlimited)
ZDL DesignPro Label Design (Avery)
ZDP ZDNet Password Pro 32
ZDP DesignPro Label Design (Avery)
ZIP Compressed Archive File
ZIP Back4Win Backup Archive (Alistair George Manufacturing)
ZIX Quicken On-line File (Intuit Inc.)
ZIX WinZix Changed File (WinZix, Inc.)
ZIX ZixCorp Encrypted Document (Zix Corporation)
ZZZ Micro Perfect Products Sleep Mode

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