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Alphabetic File Extension List

This list will take for a moment to be fully loaded as the file extension lists are quite long. These lists contain information about the extension name, the name of the program, and the creator's company. Click on the extension to see the detail page. The total extensions in this list: 79.

Extension Information
GADGET Microsoft Gadget (Microsoft Corporation)
GB CEDICT Chinese/English Dictionary (Erik E. Peterson)
GBA GrabIt Batch Files
GBI gBurner Image (gBurner Systems, Inc.)
GBR GIMP Brush File (The GIMP Team)
GBR Gerber Format File
GCD Prassi CD Image (Prassi Technology)
GCD General Content Descriptor (Sprint Nextel)
GCF Graphing Calculator (Pacific Tech)
GCF Half-Life Game Cache File (Sierra Entertainment, Inc.)
GCF Global Virtual Accademy GVA XT Author File
GCM GameCube Image File (Nintendo)
GDB GetPicturesList Image Location Database (
GDB Firebird Database (Firebird Foundation Incorporated)
GDB ACT! Group Data File (Best Software CRM Division)
GDF Quartus II Graphic Design File (Altera Corporation)
GDF FutuRUG Group Definition File (Two Brothers Software)
GDF 3DMove 3D Geological Model (Midland Valley Exploration)
GDI Generic Download Install File (SamattRPG Technologies)
GDS Chip Layout Information
GED GEDCOM Family History File
GED Arts & Letters Graphics (Arts & Letters Corporation)
GED Family Historian Native Data Format (GEDCOM File) (Calico Pie Limited)
GET Pov-ray for Windows (Persistence of Vision Raytracer Pty Ltd.)
GFX RSView Machine Edition Graphics Display (Rockwell Automation, Inc.)
GFX Cue Club Image File
GFX The Games Factory Extension (Clickteam)
GG Google Desktop Gadget (Google)
GHO Ghost Disk Image File (Symantec)
GHS Ghost Disk Image Span File (Symantec Corporation)
GHS Glider Pro House File (John Calhoun)
GI Prassi or PrimoDVD Image
GI Sonic RecordNow! CD Image (Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.)
GI Audio Utility Tuningwrench Compressed File
GID GiD Project Directory (CIMNE (The International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering))
GID Windows Help Index File (Microsoft Corporation)
GIF Graphic Interchange Format
GML Geography Markup Language
GML NetRemote XML-based Configuration File
GML Graphlet Graphscript File
GP Geoworks Glue Geode Parameter File
GP Gofer Project
GPD Generic Printer Description Unidrv Minidriver (Microsoft Corporation)
GPG GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG) Public Keyring (Free Software Foundation, Inc.)
GPK Geos Compressed Omnigo File Archive
GPP GraphPap Graph Paper File
GPS MicroImages GPS Log File (MicroImages, Inc.)
GPS BPM Studio File/Play List Structure (ALCATech)
GPS GenePix Settings (Molecular Devices Corporation)
GPX GraphX Document (FlexSoft)
GPX GPS eXchange Format (TopoGrafix)
GRD Drivers for GRX
GRD Grid File
GRD 3D Garden Composer Design File (DiComp, Inc.)
GRF Graph
GRF GraphEdit Filter Graph (Microsoft Corporation)
GRF Ragnarok Packed File (Gravity Co., Ltd.)
GRP DESQview (Symantec)
GRP ACT! Group Data File (Best Software CRM Division)
GRP BPM Studio File/Play List Archive (ALCATech)
GSD GSplit Piece File (G.D.G. Software)
GSD GraphTec Vector Graphic Data (GraphTec)
GSM ArchiCAD Library Object (Graphisoft R&D Software Development Rt.)
GSM US Robotics Modem File GSM Audio over MODEM File
GSM GoldSim Model File (GoldSim Technology Group)
GSP GoldSim Input Model File (GoldSim Technology Group)
GSP IMail Server Returned Mail (Ipswitch, Inc.)
GSP Geometer's Sketchpad Document File (Key Curriculum Press)
GVP Google Video Playlist (Google)
GWI GroupWise Link Information (Novell, Inc.)
GZ GIMP Image File (The GIMP Team)
GZ Gzip Compressed Archive
GZIP GNU Zip Compressed Archive
GZIP Gzip Compressed Archive

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