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Alphabetic File Extension List

This list will take for a moment to be fully loaded as the file extension lists are quite long. These lists contain information about the extension name, the name of the program, and the creator's company. Click on the extension to see the detail page. The total extensions in this list: 232.

Extension Information
AA Audio Book
AAC MPEG-2 Advanced Audio Coding File
ABA Avant Browser Add-on (Avant Force)
ABC LithTech Game 3D Model (Touchdown Entertainment, Inc.)
ABC FlowCharter Data File (iGrafx (a division of Corel Inc.))
ABC ABC Programming Language
ABF Altair Binary Format
ABF Binary Screen Font (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
ABK Any Automatic Backup
ABK AMOS Basic Data (SPSS Inc.)
ABK AMOS Music Bank
ABM Photo Impressions Album (ArcSoft, Inc.)
ABM Album
ABM Audition On-line Dance Battle Music (T3 Entertainment Co., LTD.)
ABR Photoshop Brush (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
ABS Avant Browser Skin (Avant Force)
ABS AB SuDoKu Sudoku Save Game (Andrei Baronov)
ABS Absolute Database Database (ComponentAce)
ABW AbiWord Document File (The AbiSource Community)
AC ACwin Project Data (Procedimientos-Uno, S.L.)
AC AC3D Geometry File (Inivis)
AC3 AC3 Audio File Format
ACC Atari ST Executable
ACC Composer File (Microsoft Corporation)
ACC Graphic Accounts Accounts Data (FKJ Software)
ACCDB Access 2007 Database File (Microsoft Corporation)
ACD RSLogix 5000 Project File (Rockwell Automation)
ACD Sonic Foundry Acid Music File (Sony Corporation of America)
ACD Agent Character Definition (Microsoft Corporation)
ACE Jupiter Ace Snapshot
ACE Train Simulator Texture File (Microsoft Corporation)
ACE WinAce Compressed File (e-merge GmbH)
ACL ACL Desktop for Windows Data File (ACL Services Ltd.)
ACL Office AutoCorrect List (Microsoft Corporation)
ACL ArchiCrypt Live Secured Data Volume (Exklamate Software)
ACM Audio Compression Manager Driver (Microsoft Corporation)
ACM American Civil War File (Interactive Magic)
ACS Agent Character (Microsoft Corporation)
ACT Train Simulator Activity File (Microsoft Corporation)
ACT ADPCM Compressed File Recorded by Some MP3 Players/Voice Recorders
ACT Action! Presentation (Macromedia)
ADA ActiveDocs Answer Set
ADB Alphacam Diecut VB Macro (Planit)
ADB CorelCENTRAL Address Book (Corel Corporation)
ADB Ability Office Database (Ability Software)
ADD Advantage Database Server Data Dictionary (Sybase, Inc.)
ADD Alphacam Diecut Drawing (Planit)
ADE Access Project Extension (Microsoft Corporation)
ADF I-DEAS Associated Data File (EDS)
ADF Grand Theft Auto Vice City Radio Station (Rockstar Games)
ADF A.R.S.E.N.A.L. Extended Power Main Game File (Tactical Soft)
ADI Amateur Data Interchange Format (ADIF) File
ADI Advantage Database Server Database Index File (Sybase, Inc.)
ADM Portfolio Admin-level Acces Flag (Extensis, Inc.)
ADM Alphacam Diecut Parameter Macro (Planit)
ADM Windows Policy Template (Microsoft Corporation)
ADP Access Project (Microsoft Corporation)
ADP Alphacam Diecut Post (Planit)
ADR After Dark Random Screen Saver Module
ADR Address Book
ADR Opera Default Bookmark File (Opera Software ASA)
ADS ADA Package Specification
ADT Alphacam Diecut Tools (Planit)
ADT ACT! Document Template (Best Software CRM Division)
ADT Troj/Agent-GCO
ADV GUS Virtual Device Driver
ADV TAPCIS Advanced Commands (User Entered)
ADX Approach Index File (IBM)
AEP ArcExplorer Project (Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI))
AEP Alphacam Wire EDM Post (Planit)
AEP After Effects Project File (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
AES AES Crypt Encrypted File (Packetizer, Inc.)
AEX Alpha Five Compiled Add-in Library Script (Alpha Software, Inc.)
AFM Abassis Finance Manager Data File (SmartMedia Informatica)
AFM Outline Font Metric (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
AFP Prismo Graphics ActiveFile Proxy (Apple Inc.)
AFP Alphacam Flame Post (Planit)
AFP IBM Transactional Data Format (Advanced Function Print)
AFS Filter Factory Photoshop Filter
AFT Ancestry Family Tree Data File ( Inc.)
AHK AutoHotkey Script (AutoHotkey)
AI AIwin Project Data (Procedimientos-Uno, S.L.)
AI EARS Component File
AI Illustrator Vector Graphic (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
AIF Audio Interchange File
AIF SymbianOS Application Information File
AIF OS/2 Program Information File (IBM)
AIFF Audio Interchange File
AIR SeeYou Airspace (Naviter)
AIR AIR Rich Internet Application (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
AIR Flight Simulator Aircraft Performance Info File (Microsoft Corporation)
AJP Alphacam Water Jet Post (Planit)
AJP JPEG2000 Digital Surveillance Recorder Video
ALB Image Commander Album (Corel Corporation)
ALB Alphacam Laser VB Macro (Planit)
ALB Alpha Five Data Dictionary (Alpha Software, Inc.)
ALL Cubase or VST Song File (Steinberg)
ALL 1-2-3 Always Working Page Format File (IBM)
ALL OS/2 Program List (IBM)
ALX Alpha Five Library Index (Alpha Software, Inc.)
ALX BlackBerry Application Loader File (Research in Motion Limited)
ALX ActiveX Layout File (Microsoft Corporation)
ALZ Game File
ALZ ALZip Compressed File (ESTsoft, Corp.)
AMP Alphacam 3D Mill, 2D Mill Post (Planit)
AMP Photoshop Arbitrary Map Settings (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
AMP Connectivity Memory Model AMPA and NMDA Parameters Input File
AMR Adaptive Multi-Rate ACELP Codec
AMV MTV Movie File
AMZ The Amazon Trail Saved Game
AMZ Amazon MP3 Downloader Download/Control File (, Inc.)
ANB Analyst's Notebook Analytical Chart (i2 Ltd.)
ANI NeroMix File (Nero AG)
ANI NEOchrome Animation
ANT calcAnt Saved Calculation (SFR GmbH)
APA AlfaPad Notes Organizer Document (AlfaAlfa Software)
APE Monkey's Audio Lossless Audio Compression Format (Matthew T. Ashland)
APF Acrobat Profile File (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
APF ATO Profile Editor File (E2S n.v.)
APF Lotus Printer Driver Fonts (IBM)
API WebObjects Interface (Apple Inc.)
API Lotus Printer Driver Info (IBM)
API 1st Reader Passed Parameter File
APK Train Simulator Packaged Activity (Microsoft Corporation)
APK Android Package (Open Handset Alliance)
APK GameSpy Arcade Service (IGN Entertainment, Inc.)
APL APL Workspace/Source
APL Monkey's Audio Image Link File (Matthew T. Ashland)
APM AutoPlay Menu Studio Configuration (Indigo Rose Software)
APM Alphacam Punch Parameter Macro (Planit)
APM Aldus Placeable Metafiles (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
APP Clarion for Windows Application (SoftVelocity)
APP Alphacam Punch Post (Planit)
APP Ca Visual Objects Platform for Developer (CAVO) Project File (CA)
APPLICATION ClickOnce Deployment Manifest (Microsoft Corporation)
APR Approach 97 File (IBM)
APR Employee Appraiser Performance Review File
APS Flash
APS Advanced Patching Systems with Error Checking
ARB Alphacam Router VB Macro (Planit)
ARC Insight II Cartesian Coordinate Archive File (Accelrys Software Inc.)
ARC FreeArc Compressed File
ARC Archive
ARD Alphacam Router Drawing (Planit)
ARF Flexible Image Transport System Bitmap
ARF AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) Resource File (America Online, Inc.)
ARF Active Tutor Data (4C Media, Inc.)
ARJ Compressed Archive
ARM Alphacam Router Parmeter Macro (Planit)
ARM Acorn ROM/Disk Image File
ART AOL Johnson-Grace Compressed File (America Online, Inc.)
ART ArtCAM Pro and ArtCAM Insignia Model Data (Delcam plc)
ART Alphacam Router Tool (Planit)
ARV Arsiv
ARV Eschalon Setup Archive (Eschelon Development (24-2979 Panorama Dr., Coquitlam BC V3E 2W8, Canada))
ARV AutoRoute User Information (Microsoft Corporation)
ARW Sony RAW Image File (Sony Corporation of America)
AS Flash ActionScript Source Code (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
AS AppleSingle Encoded File (Apple Inc.)
ASA Active Server Document
ASC 3D Point File
ASC Flash Server-Side ActionScript (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
ASD Advanced Streaming Format Description (Microsoft Corporation)
ASD Lotus Screen Driver (IBM)
ASD Word Automatic Backup (Microsoft Corporation)
ASF Electronic Arts Music File (Electronic Arts, Inc.)
ASF Advanced Streaming Format (Microsoft Corporation)
ASF Lotus Screen Font (IBM)
ASL Quest Adventure Game (Axe Software)
ASL AppSight Console Log (Identify Software Ltd.)
ASM Pro/ENGINEER Assembly File (PTC)
ASM Solid Edge Document (UGS PLM Solutions)
ASM Assembler Source Language
ASP Active Server Page
ASP Alphacam Stone Post (Planit)
ASP Aspen/2 Data Manager (Tekton Software, Inc.)
ASPX ASP.NET Source File (Microsoft Corporation)
ASS Aegisub Advanced SubStation Alpha Subtitle File (Rodrigo Braz Monteiro)
ASS Flash
ASV Train Simulator Computed Activity File (Microsoft Corporation)
ASV MATLAB Autosave File (The MathWorks, Inc.)
ASV DataCAD Autosave File (DATACAD LLC)
ASX Alpha Five Temporary Index (Alpha Software, Inc.)
ASX Advanced Stream Redirector File (Microsoft Corporation)
ASX ActiveSite Extension (Jonathon Rossi)
ATN Daqarta Extended Audio Data (Interstellar Research)
ATP Automise Project File (VSoft Technologies Pty Ltd.)
ATP Alphacam Lathe Post (Planit)
ATP Anti Tracks Plug-in (RIGHT Utilities, Inc.)
ATT SeeYou Waypoint (Naviter)
ATT Alphacam Lathe Tool (Planit)
ATX A ZIP-formatted Compressed Archive
AU Audacity Audio Block
AU uLaw/AU Audio File
AUD DTS Audio Data Stream (Digital Theater Systems Inc.)
AUD Audio File Used by Westwood Studios for Various Games
AUP Audacity Project File
AUP Windows Update File
AUX ChiWriter Auxilliary Dictionary File
AUX MegaHAL (Ai Research)
AUX Geospatial Imaging ERDAS IMAGINE and LPS Data File (Leica Geosystems LLC)
AVB Accpac Macro Archive (Sage Software)
AVB Avid Bin File (Avid Technology, Inc.)
AVC Kaspersky Anti-virus Toolkit Database (Kaspersky Lab)
AVI Audio Video Interleave File
AWD Artweaver Painting (Boris Eyrich)
AWD FaxView Document (Microsoft Corporation)
AWK AWK Script
AWS ActiveWords System File (ActiveWord Systems, Inc.)
AWS AutoCAD Work Space (Autodesk, Inc.)
AWS Ability Office Spreadsheet (Ability Software)
AWW Ability Office Write Document (Ability Software)
AWW AWW WML Website Administrator Configuration File
AX DirectShow Filter (Microsoft Corporation)
AX MPEG-4 DVD Filter
AX ATI DA Interface Handler (ATI Technologies Inc.)
AXD ASP.NET Web Handler File (Microsoft Corporation)
AXD Actrix Technical 2000 (Autodesk, Inc.)
AXX AxCrypt Encrypted File (Axon Data)
AZW Kindle eBook Format (, Inc.)

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