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Alphabetic File Extension List

This list will take for a moment to be fully loaded as the file extension lists are quite long. These lists contain information about the extension name, the name of the program, and the creator's company. Click on the extension to see the detail page. The total extensions in this list: 318.

Extension Information
P2P PeerGuardian IP Blocking List (Phoenix Labs)
P65 PageMaker Version 6.5 File (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
PA Print Artist Project (Nova Development Corporation)
PAB Personal Address Book (Microsoft Corporation)
PAC Win2020 / Polistream Video Subtitle Data (Screen Subtitling Systems Ltd.)
PAC LPAC Lossless Compressed Audio (Tilman Liebchen)
PAC CrossePAC Compressed Archive (Digital Strategies, Inc.)
PACK Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
PAD Digital Paper Description
PAD Top Secret Crypto Gold True One Time Pad File (TAN$TAAFL Software Company)
PAD Scanner Output
PAE PowerArchiver Encrypted Archive (ConeXware, Inc.)
PAF PortableApps Portable Application Install Package (Rare Ideas, LLC)
PAF Personal Ancestral File Family Database (Corporation of the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)
PAK Compressed Archive File
PAK Half Life Archive
PAK Crazy Talk SFX File (Reallusion Inc.)
PAL Command & Conquer File (Westwood Studios)
PAL Harvard Graphics Palette (Harvard Graphics)
PAL Color Palette (Microsoft Corporation)
PALM Palm Pixmap
PANDO Pando Package (Pando Networks)
PAR Parity Volume Sets (.P01,...)
PAR AeroFly Model Parameters (IPACS GbR)
PAR Solid Edge 3D CAD Model (UGS PLM Solutions)
PAR2 Parity Archive Volume Set
PAS Delphi Source (Borland Software Corporation)
PAS Pascal Source Code
PAS C++ Builder 6 Source (Borland Software Corporation)
PAT GIMP Pattern (The GIMP Team)
PAT Train Simulator Track Path (Microsoft Corporation)
PAT Advanced Gravis Ultrasound Patch File
PAX Personal Ancestral File (Corporation of the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)
PAX Pick Ax Secure Graphic File (Smaller Animals Software, Inc.)
PBK ElectraSoft Fax Phone Book
PBP Perl Builder File
PBP Playstation Firmware Image (Sony Corporation of America)
PBP PlaybackPro Video Database (DTvideolabs)
PC Oracle Pro*C Source Code (Oracle)
PC PC Fold Sequence File
PC Personal Composer Musical Notation (Personal Composer Inc.)
PCB ExpressPCB Printed Circuit Board Layout (ExpressPCB)
PCB ACCEL or Protel Printed Circuit Board File
PCB PADS Printed Circuit Board (Mentor Graphics Corp.)
PCD Photo-CD Image (Kodak)
PCD GX IEC Developer Backup File (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)
PCD Visual Test (Microsoft Corporation)
PCF UNIX Font File
PCF Calyx Point
PCF PowerToy Calculator Saved Functions and Variables (Microsoft Corporation)
PCH Pixeur Color History File (Veign)
PCH Patch File
PCK Systems Management Server (SMS) Received Package File (Microsoft Corporation)
PCK Turbo Pascal Pick File (Borland Software Corporation)
PCL 2D Graphic Page Control Language
PCM LaserJet Printer Cartridge Metric (Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.)
PCM Embroidery Design File
PCM Bliss for Windows (Handicom)
PCP Windows Installer Database Editor (Orca) Patch Creation Properties File (Microsoft Corporation)
PCP RCF EnCoder/DeCoder Encoded File (RCF Group - Reborn Code Freaks)
PCP AutoCAD R13 and Prior Plotter Configuration (Autodesk, Inc.)
PCR Creatacard Post Card Project (Broderbund)
PCS KDevelop Persistent Code Store (KDevelop Team)
PCS Yamaha Piano Combo Style (Yamaha Corporation of America)
PCS Apple Macintosh PICT File Animation (Apple Inc.)
PCV MozBackup Backup (Pavel Cvrcek)
PCV Move Me Moving Van (Spearit Software)
PCV PC Upgrade Commander (V Communications, Inc.)
PCX PC Paintbrush Bitmap Graphic
PD Pure Data Patchfile (PD Community)
PD Perl Data Language PreProcessor File
PDA Print Shop Bitmap Graphic
PDB Visual C++/.NET Program Database File (Microsoft Corporation)
PDB Palmpilot Database/Document File (Palm, Inc.)
PDC Lizard Safeguard Protected PDF File (LockLizard Ltd)
PDD PhotoDeluxe Image (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
PDD Database Designer for PostgreSQL Database Design (MicroOLAP Technologies LTD.)
PDE Principalm Student Information Extract (Discovery Software Ltd.)
PDF Systems Management Server (SMS) Package Description File (Microsoft Corporation)
PDF Acrobat Portable Document Format (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
PDG MetaCAM Part File (Metamation, Inc.)
PDG Chaoxing Reader Chaoxing Digital Library e-Book (Chaoxing Digital Library)
PDL C++ Project Description Language (Borland Software Corporation)
PDL Programmable Driver Language (Quovadx, Inc.)
PDM PowerDivX NextGen Media Player
PDS IncrediMail (IncrediMail Ltd.)
PDS PALASM Source Code
PDX Acrobat Catalog Index (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
PDX PDXplorer IPC-2570 Product Data Exchange Information (Active Sensing, Inc.)
PEF Pentax RAW Bitmap Graphic (PENTAX Corporation)
PEM Privacy Enhanced Mail Security Certificate
PEM WordPerfect Program Editor Macro (Corel Corporation)
PES WordPerfect Program Editor Work Space File (Corel Corporation)
PES Brother/Babylock/Bernina Home Embroidery Format
PF ICC Profile
PF Prefetch (also called Scenario) File (Microsoft Corporation)
PFB DESQview (Symantec)
PFC AOL Preferences/Favorites/Mail (America Online, Inc.)
PFC New Soft Presto! Page Manager File
PFF Armored Fist 3 Archive
PFF Zoomify Image Stream (Zoomify, Inc.)
PFF Formatta Filler Portable Form Files (Formatta Corporation)
PFL ENwin Estructuras de Naves Geometric and Mechanical Properties (Procedimientos-Uno, S.L.)
PFL Paint Shop Pro Fine Leather Preset (Corel Corporation)
PFL PhotoFiltre Plug-in (Antonio Da Cruz)
PFM Portable Float Map Graphics Data
PFM Printer Font Metrics (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
PFX Amiga Pageflipper Plus F/X Animation (Amiga)
PFX Personal Information Exchange File
PFX PFXplus Application Source Code (POWERflex Corporation)
PGI PGraph Library Printer Device Driver
PGM CGI Program
PGM Portable Graymap Graphic
PGP Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Key/Signature File (PGP Corporation)
PHD Punch! 5 in 1 Home Design CAD Plan (Punch! Software)
PHD ViewChoice (Payroll Associates, LLC)
PHD PC Help Desk File
PHO Gerber Photoplot File
PHP PHP Script (The PHP Group)
PHTML web-iPerl Document
PHTML Embedded Perl (ePerl) File
PIC Advanced Art Studio
PIC Animator PIC/CEL Bitmap (Autodesk, Inc.)
PIC Lotus Picture (IBM)
PICT Macintosh Quickdraw/PICT Drawing (Apple Inc.)
PID UNIX Process ID File
PID W32/Yayin-A Worm Data File
PIF Windows Program Information File (Microsoft Corporation)
PIF GDF Format Vector Image
PIP JPEG,JPG,JPE, JFIF,PJPEG Compressed Bitmap Picture
PK Audition Graphical Waveform (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
PKA PointLineCAD 3D Keyframe Animation (Point Line, Inc.)
PKA Packet Tracer Activity File For Practice (Cisco Systems, Inc.)
PKA Compressed Archive File
PKG OS X Installer File (Apple Inc.)
PKG Systems Management Server (SMS) Package Description File (Microsoft Corporation)
PKG Playstation 3 Installation Package (Sony Corporation of America)
PKT TeX Font
PKT Packet Tracer Network Simulation Model (Cisco Systems, Inc.)
PKT EtherPeek Collected Packets
PL Harvard Graphics Palette (Harvard Graphics)
PL BRL-CAD 2D and 3D Plot File (BRL-CAD Development Team and US Army)
PL Fractal Zplot Palette File (Mystic Fractal)
PL1 3D Home Architect Room Plan
PLF InterVideo WinDVD Playlist File
PLF PatchLink Patch Developers Kit Exported Patch Archive (PatchLink Corporation)
PLF SalesLogix Pick List Text File (Best Software)
PLG Aston Shell Plug-in (Gladiators Software)
PLG BPM Studio Play List Categories (ALCATech)
PLG ButtonGadget
PLN InDesign 3rd Party Plug-in (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
PLN ArchiCAD 3D Model File (Graphisoft R&D Software Development Rt.)
PLN Flight Simulator Flight Plan (Microsoft Corporation)
PLP Messenger Plus! Sound Pack (Patchou)
PLP Sansa Playlist (SanDisk Corporation)
PLP PicaLoader Project File (VOWSoft, Ltd.)
PLS Generic Playlist File
PLS Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
PLS MYOB Data File (MYOB Technology Pty Ltd.)
PLT Organiser Paper Layout Definition (IBM)
PLT AutoCAD Plot drawing (Autodesk, Inc.)
PLT HP Graphics Language
PM Amiga Power Music Song/Module
PM Pegasus Mail Frequently Used File (David Harris)
PM Perl Code Module
PMD Pegasus Mail User Dictionary (David Harris)
PMD PageMaker (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
PMF Playstation Movie Format (PSMF) (Sony Corporation of America)
PMF Pegasus Mail Message Attachment (David Harris)
PMF AppMind Process Management File (Appmind Software AB)
PML Process Monitor Process Capture File (Microsoft Corporation)
PML PADGen Program Information
PML Spin Promela Source Code File
PMP PHPMaker Project File (e.World Technology Limited)
PMP AutoCAD R2000 Plotter Model Parameters (Autodesk, Inc.)
PMP Video
PNF Windows Precompiled Setup Information (Microsoft Corporation)
PNF Precompiled Setup Information
PNF Portable Network Graphics Frame Bitmap
PNG Portable (Public) Network Graphic
PNG Spore Creature File (Electronic Arts Inc.)
PNG Paint Shop Pro Browser Catalog (Corel Corporation)
PNM PBM Portable Any Map Graphic Bitmap
POD Punch CAD Program (Punch! Software)
POD OpenProj Project File (Serena Software Incorporated)
POD Bloodrayne
POS WinHex Position Data (X-Ways Software Technology AG)
POS POSTER Save File (Poster Software)
POS Paint Shop Pro Polished Stone Preset (Corel Corporation)
POT GNU Gettext Portable Object Base Translation (Free Software Foundation)
POT PowerPoint Template (Microsoft Corporation)
PP Perl Data Language PreProcessor File
PP Free Pascal Source Code File (Free Pascal Development Team)
PP Compressed Amiga Archive File
PPC Breeze Plug-in for PowerPoint Sync File (Macromedia)
PPC Roxio Easy CD Creator File (Sonic Solutions)
PPC Percussion Studio Compiled Rhythmic Patterns (Henry Kellner)
PPD PageMaker PostScript Printer Description (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
PPD PhotoImpression Project (ArcSoft, Inc.)
PPD PostScript Printer Description
PPF EdgeCAM Part Data (Pathtrace Engineering Systems)
PPF Paint Shop Pro Soft Plastic Preset File (Corel Corporation)
PPF Playstation Patch File (Sony Corporation of America)
PPK PPK Archive
PPK PuTTY Win32 Telnet/SSH Client Private Key
PPM Insight II Proton Chemical Shifts (Accelrys Software Inc.)
PPM PBM Portable Pixelmap Graphic
PPP Enfocus Preflight Profile
PPP Picture Pump Project File
PPS PowerPoint Slideshow (Microsoft Corporation)
PPT PowerPoint Presentation (Microsoft Corporation)
PPTX Power Point Microsoft Office Open XML Format Presentation (Microsoft Corporation)
PQI PhreeqcI
PRC Rational Rose Processes (IBM)
PRC Profan Compiled P-Code (
PRC Corel Presentation
PRF Profan (
PRF Atheros Profile File (Atheros Communications, Inc.)
PRF MicroImages Print Driver File (MicroImages, Inc.)
PRG Commodore PET/VIC20/64/128 Executable Programs in BASIC
PRG Atari ST Program (Infogrames Entertainment SA)
PRG RPG Toolkit Program Script (Christopher Matthews)
PRJ Visual Basic Project (Microsoft Corporation)
PRJ Project File
PRJ Turbo C Project File (Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.)
PRL Process Revolution Object Library File
PRL Paint Shop Pro Rough Leather Preset (Corel Corporation)
PRM MicroImages Parameters File for Radar Slant to Ground Conversion (MicroImages, Inc.)
PRM BullsEye Style File
PRM MYOB Premier 2004 Data File (MYOB Technology Pty Ltd.)
PRN DataCAD Windows Printer File (DATACAD LLC)
PRN Calcomp Raster Bitmap
PRN Printer Text File
PRO Pro/ENGINEER Configuration (PTC)
PRO Configuration File (Profile)
PRO Euphoria Profile (Rapid Deployment Software)
PRS dBASE Procedure
PRS Yamaha Pro Style (Yamaha Corporation of America)
PRS Harvard Graphics (Harvard Graphics)
PRS Office Password Recovery Password Recovery Status (AccentSoft)
PRT W32/Parrot-A Worm-related
PRT CADKEY Parts File (Kubotek USA Inc.)
PRX Process Revolution Diagram File
PRX Playstation Plug-in File (Sony Corporation of America)
PRX Atari ST Executable
PRZ Freelance Graphics 97 File (IBM)
PS PostScript
PS PaulShields Song/Module
PS1 PostScript File
PSA Intactix pro/space Plus Planogram (Floorplan) (JDA Software Group, Inc.)
PSA Pretty Simple Archive Compressed Archive
PSB Paint Shop Pro Sunburst Preset (Corel Corporation)
PSD Photoshop Format (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
PSD DESIGN II for Windows General Flowsheet
PSF Eclipse Project Set File (The Eclipse Foundation)
PSF Photoshop Proof Setup (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
PSF Windows Server Update Services Patch Storage File (Microsoft Corporation)
PSP Scenicsoft Preps
PSP PL/SQL Server Page (Oracle)
PSP Paint Shop Pro Image (Corel Corporation)
PSR PowerSoft Report DataStore (OLE Storage Version) (Sybase, Inc.)
PSR PowerSoft Report (Sybase, Inc.)
PST LightWave 3D Preset (NewTek)
PST Yamaha Pianist (Solo Piano) Style (Yamaha Corporation of America)
PST Outlook Personal Folder File (Microsoft Corporation)
PSV Playstation 2/3 Saved Game (Sony Corporation of America)
PSV Psychedelic Screen Saver Graphic (Synthesoft Corporation)
PSW Paint Shop Pro Straw Wall Preset (Corel Corporation)
PSW Pocket Word Document (Microsoft Corporation)
PTB Peachtree Complete Accounting Backup Data File (Best Software SB, Inc.)
PTF LiveNote Legal Transcript File (LiveNote Technologies)
PTF Playstation Theme (Sony Corporation of America)
PTF Pro Tools Ver 7.0+ Session File (Avid Technology, Inc.)
PTM BioWare Aurora Engine Plot Manager (BioWare Corp.)
PTM MapPoint Map (Microsoft Corporation)
PTM PTMac Project File (Kekus Digital)
PTN CADKEY Pattern File (Kubotek USA Inc.)
PTN Amaya Dicopar File
PTN Housecall Virus Pattern File (Trend Micro, Inc.)
PTS ABBYY Finereader 5.0 Pro (ABBYY Software House)
PTS 3D Points File
PTX CUDA Parallel Thread Execution Assembly Language File (NVIDIA Corporation)
PTX Punch! Professional Home Design Texture File (Punch! Software)
PTX Paint Shop Pro Texture Preset (Corel Corporation)
PUB Publisher Document (Microsoft Corporation)
PUB NeoBook NBW Publication Source File (NeoSoft Corp.)
PUP Playstation System Software Update (Sony Corporation of America)
PVD ParaView Data Object (Kitware, Inc.)
PVD Install-It Script
PVD Picture Browser Cache (Canon Software Publishing)
PVM MusicPhotoVideo (OSTA (Optical Storage Technology Association))
PWD AutoCAD Password (Autodesk, Inc.)
PWD Password Officer Password File (COMPELSON Trade s.r.o.)
PWD Pocket Word Document (Microsoft Corporation)
PWI PowerINSPECT Saved Format File (Delcam plc.)
PWI InkWriter/Note Taker/Pocket Word Document (Microsoft Corporation)
PX PC-Axis Family Statistical Data (Statistics Sweden)
PX Paradox Primary Database Index (Corel)
PX Pixel Image (Pavel Kanzelsberger)
PXL Pixclscript Script
PXL Pocket Excel Worksheet (Microsoft Corporation)
PY Python Script or Library (Python Software Foundation)
PYC Python Compiler Script (Bytecode) (Python Software Foundation)

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