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Alphabetic File Extension List

This list will take for a moment to be fully loaded as the file extension lists are quite long. These lists contain information about the extension name, the name of the program, and the creator's company. Click on the extension to see the detail page. The total extensions in this list: 104.

Extension Information
EAP Enterprise Architect Project (Sparx Systems Pty Ltd.)
EAR ETI Camcorder Pro Audio File (Eyemail Technology, Inc.)
EAS Elite Visual Basic API Spy
EAS EAS 2004 Applicant Reference Database (UCAS)
EBO Reader eBook Format (Microsoft Corporation)
EBS EyeBatch Command Script (Atalasoft, Inc.)
EBS E-Scripter Script (CMS)
EBS Rational Rose 98 Script Source (IBM)
ECE Oracle Application Express Dynamic Web Page (Oracle)
ECF Eventcorder Recorded Events and Clickviews (CMS)
ECF Exchange Extended Configuration File (Microsoft Corporation)
ECM Cmpro Examples File
ECS Sony Ericsson Phone Backup File
ECS Encrypted Compressed GIS Software Geographic Shape File
ECW Ensoniq Waveset Format (E-MU Systems)
ECW EclipseCrossword Crossword Puzzle
EDB Euphoria Database System (EDS) Database File (Rapid Deployment Software)
EDB Exchange Server Property Store (Microsoft Corporation)
EDB ACT! E-mail Data File (Best Software CRM Division)
EDF eMemoPad Data File (eMemoPad)
EDF RF Online Texture, Sound and String Archive (CCR Inc.)
EDF Drumbeat Component
EDI EDI Engine Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) File (123 EDI, Inc.)
EDI EDI Interchange File (Budget EDI)
EDP Attachmate Extra! Session
EDX Editor Dictionary File (Serenity Software)
EDX EDraw Max Drawing (EDrawSoft)
EFA Ecrypt 2005 E-mail File (Email Connection)
EFW CA Security Center Renamed ZIP or EXE or RAR File (CA)
EFX eFax Fax Document (j2 Global Communications, Inc.)
EGG Panda3D Transform Definition (Disney and Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center)
EGG Explosion Graphics Generator Script (Shawn Hargreaves; maintained by Vincent Penquerc'h)
EGG Ducks Add-on/Level File (Hungry Software)
ELF Playstation Executable/Game Data File (Sony Corporation of America)
ELF Wii Executable File (Nintendo)
ELF Executable and Linkable Format File
EMAIL Outlook Express Mail Message (Microsoft Corporation)
EMB ABT Extended Module
EMF Extended (Enhanced) Windows Metafile Format
EMF [email protected] Puzzle Template (Tibo Software)
EMF EZClaim HCFA-1500 Graphic Image (EZClaim)
EMI Pocket Tanks Emitter File (BlitWise Productions LLC)
EML Outlook Express Electronic Mail (Microsoft Corporation)
EMP eMusic File Format (, Inc.)
EMS Revolution EMSA 1.0 Spectrum File (4pi Analysis, Inc.)
EMS eMachineShop CAD Design File (eMachineShop)
EMX Emax System File
EMX Enigmacross Puzzle File
EMZ Windows Compressed Enhanced Metafile (Microsoft Corporation)
ENC BlackIce Evidence Log File
ENC My Personal Programmer Encrypted Distributed Project (M:Pact Technologies)
ENC CopySafe PDF Encrypted File (ArtistScope)
ENCRYPTED TopStudio Encrypted File
ENG MATLAB Engine Routines (The MathWorks, Inc.)
ENG Dictionary
ENG Train Simulator Engine File (Microsoft Corporation)
ENL EndNote Library File
ENP Entelligence Media Security Encrypted File/Folder (Entrust)
ENU ATI Radeon Video Driver
ENW EndNote Import File (The Thomson Corporation)
EOT ExamView On-line Test (eInstruction)
EPF Entrust Entelligence Profile (Entrust Inc.)
EPF WebSphere Development Studio Client Profile (IBM)
EPF EdgeCAM Part Data (Pathtrace Engineering Systems)
EPM Destiny MPE Encoder Encrypted Portable Media File (Destiny Media Technologies Inc.)
EPS Encapsulated PostScript
ESD ExpertScan Survey Document (AutoData Systems)
ESP Easy Setup Program Configuration File (Microscan Systems, Inc.)
ESP ACD Analysis File
ESP Eclipse Screensaver Project (The Eclipse Foundation)
EST ICE 2000 File
ESX Xactimate File
ESX Escape Level (Tom Murphy VII)
ETL Eclipse Transition Listing (The Eclipse Foundation)
ETL ThermaData Logger Log Data File (Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd)
ETL Windows2000 Trace Log
EVO CRiSP Harvest File
EVO EnVideo Video Animation Document (Computational Engineering International (CEI))
EVO HD DVD Video (DVD Forum)
EVT Cameo D1 Digital CCTV System Recording Event Log
EVT Windows NT/2000 Event Viewer Log File (Microsoft Corporation)
EX Cequadrant Backup File
EX EPM Macro File
EX Euphoria Source Code (Rapid Deployment Software)
EX4 MQL 4 Compiled Expert Advisor
EXB Caxa CAD Drawing (Caxa ICP)
EXD Control Information Cache (Microsoft Corporation)
EXE Executable File (Microsoft Corporation)
EXE Playstation Executable File (Sony Corporation of America)
EXE Self-extracting Archive
EXP Export File
EXP CATIA Export File (Dassault Systèmes)
EXP ASCET Binary Model Description (ETAS GmbH)
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