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Alphabetic File Extension List

This list will take for a moment to be fully loaded as the file extension lists are quite long. These lists contain information about the extension name, the name of the program, and the creator's company. Click on the extension to see the detail page. The total extensions in this list: 139.

Extension Information
TAB Stork Format Color Lookup Table
TAB TAB Separated File
TAB ArcView Lookup File (ESRI)
TAF ADRIFT Text Adventure (ADRIFT)
TAF Birdstep Technologies RDM Database
TAP C64 Raw Cassette Tape Image
TAP Embroidery File
TAP Tape File
TAR Tape Archive File
TAX TurboTax Tax Return (Intuit Inc.)
TBK Memo Backup
TBK The Bat! Backup Hives (RITLABS)
TBK Toolbook (SumTotal Systems, Inc.)
TBL Mozilla (Netscape) Excluded Fill Form Data Sites (
TBL ArcView Geocoding Support Table (ESRI)
TBZ BZIP2 Compressed TAR
TC Borland Configuration File (Borland Software Corporation)
TC True Crypt Virtual Encrypted Disk (Container) (TrueCrypt Foundation)
TCL Tcl (Tool Command Language) Language Script
TCL TextPad Clip Library (Helios Software Solutions)
TCL SLIDE: Scene Language for Interactive Dynamic Environments File
TCW TurboCAD Drawing (IMSI/Design LLC)
TCX Garmin Training Center Database XML (Garmin Ltd.)
TDB SlamDB Database (KGP Software)
TDB ProWORX Nxt Title Data (Schneider Electric)
TDB Déjà Vu Terminology Database
TDB Complete Works Database (Toplevel Computing)
TDB ACT! Transaction Data File (Best Software CRM Division)
TDB Ballance High Score Database (Atari)
TDS Tableau Data Source (Tableau Software, Inc.)
TDS Triangle Digital Services Ltd. Embedded Computer Source Code
TDT Sim Tower Tower File (Electronic Arts (Maxis))
TDT ASCII Data File in CSV Format
TEF TablEdit Tablature
TEF Relisys Tefax Fax
TEX LaTeX Source (LaTeX3 Project)
TEX Concordance Full Text Database File
TEX Paint Shop Pro Texture (Corel Corporation)
TEXT yBook Text File (Spacejock Software)
TFW ArcView World File For TIF Image (ESRI)
TGA Truevision Targa Graphic
TGA RealFlight Radio Control Trim Scheme (Knife Edge Software)
TGZ UNIX Tar File Gzipped
THE Plus Pack Desktop Theme (Microsoft)
THM Sony Ericsson Theme File (Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB)
THM 1.1.x Configuration File (
THM Olympus Digital Image Thumbnail (Olympus Corp.)
TIB Acronis True Image Disk Image (Acronis Inc.)
TIF Tagged Image Format File
TIFF Tagged Image Format File
TLB Borland Type Library (Borland Software Corporation)
TLB CHASE Evaluation and Audit System File (Health And Safety Technology And Management Ltd.)
TLB Portfolio Automation Interface (Extensis, Inc.)
TLG Beast 2.02 Trojan File
TLG QuickBooks Transaction Log File (Intuit Inc.)
TLS Piles'O'Tiles Information File (F1 Software)
TLX [Various] Dictionary File (Wintertree Software Inc.)
TLX caseCATalyst (Stenograph, L.L.C.)
TLX CuteSITE Builder File
TMB Movie Magic Screenwiter Screenwriter Document Timed Backup (Write Brothers, Inc.)
TMB Timbuktu Pro Connection Document
TMD TextMaker Document (SoftMaker Software GmbH)
TMD Tomahawk Word Processing File (NativeWinds, LLC)
TMD Lotus TvMap Document
TMF TM Player (Techsiti Media)
TMP Temporary File/Folder
TMP AZZ Cardfile Text Data (Antanas Zdramys)
TMP IMail Server Web Messaging or Mail to Beeper/Pager or Mail to Fax File (Ipswitch, Inc.)
TOC LaTeX Table of Contents
TOC Eudora Table Of Contents
TOC World of Warcraft Add-on Information File
TOD JVC Everio Digital Video File (JVC Americas Corp)
TOP Waltop Digital Ink-pad Graphic (Waltop International Corporation)
TOP Topocad Drawing (Chaos Systems AB)
TOP INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Top Level File
TP EROSION 3D Relief Parameters
TP TinkerPlots Document (Key Curriculum Press)
TP PerfectTablePlan Table Seating Plan (Oryx Digital Ltd.)
TPB GROMACS Portable Binary Run Input File
TPF HiJaak PCL Soft Font File
TPL PHP Development Template
TPL DataCAD Template File (DATACAD LLC)
TPL Access Workflow Designer (Microsoft Corporation)
TPS Supposed Compressed Torrent File
TPS Clarion for Windows Topspeed Data File (SoftVelocity)
TRC Times Reader Annotated Article (New York Times)
TRC True BASIC Compiled Code (True Basic Inc.)
TRC a-squared Anti-Malware Checksum for Signatures Files (Emsi Software GmbH)
TRF DocuMagix File
TRF Train Simulator Traffic Pattern File (Microsoft Corporation)
TRF LFToolkit Transformation Rules File
TRM Terminal Settings
TRN MegaHAL Training File (Ai Research)
TRN Medlin Accounting Current Year Transactions (Medlin Accounting)
TRN Quattro Translation Support File (Corel)
TRP Ports of Call Saved Game (Rolf-Dieter Klein)
TRP Topocad (Chaos Systems AB)
TRP ENM or EPLRS Network Manager/Monitor EPLRS Network Activity Logging Trap File (Raytheon Company)
TRS TrIDNet Serialized Definitions Package (Marco Pontello)
TRX VisiTrax Music Library Database (Synapsa Productions)
TRX PASSOLO Translation File
TRX Emerald PC Authorize Batch Transaction File
TS Transport Stream MPEG-2 Video Stream
TS Qt Translation Source File (Trolltech)
TSK Skins (Themes) for Pocket PC PDAs
TSP Windows Telephony Service Provider (Microsoft Corporation)
TST ExamView Test File (FSCreations, Inc.)
TST Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
TST LinkWare Test Database (Fluke Networks)
TSV Tab-Separated Values
TT Star Trek Armada Game Techtree Information
TT ThinkTank Outliner
TTC TrueType Compressed Font
TTC TrueType Font Collection
TTF TrueType Font
TTF Quartus II Tabular Text File (Altera Corporation)
TTX TabTrax Tab File (2112design Inc)
TTX TextTransformer Exported Token (Detlef Meyer-Eltz)
TTX Crystal Reports Data Connection File (Crystal Decisions)
TXF Compressed File
TXF STAR Transit Translation Text (STAR Medien AG)
TXF Tax Exchange Format (Intuit)
TXT EasyPlot Saved Data (Spiral Software)
TXT Text File
TXT Wireshark Traffic Log (Gerald Combs)
TZ Tzip Compressed Archive
TZ Compressed File
TZ Ingres Time Zone File (Computer Associates International, Inc.)

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