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Alphabetic File Extension List

This list will take for a moment to be fully loaded as the file extension lists are quite long. These lists contain information about the extension name, the name of the program, and the creator's company. Click on the extension to see the detail page. The total extensions in this list: 148.

Extension Information
I00 (100-103) Winphone Phonebook
IAF Quikscribe Intelligent Audio File (Quikscribe Pty Ltd)
IAF IAFA Document
IAF Windows Live Mail Contacts Database (Microsoft Corporation)
IAM Inventor CAD (Autodesk, Inc.)
ICA Citrix Independent Computer Architecture File (Citrix)
ICA Identity Compass Encrypted Answers (Identity Compass International GmbH.)
ICC ArtIcons Pro Icon Collection (Aha-Soft)
ICC ICC Profile Format File
ICC Apple ColorSync 2.0 (Apple Inc.)
ICE Archive
ICE ICEOWS Compressed File (Raphaël et Béatrice Mounier)
ICF Cheyenne AntiVirus
ICF RapidForm INUS Compression Format File (INUS Technology, Inc.)
ICF Insane Chat Saved Conversation
ICL Clean File
ICL Icon Library File
ICM Windows Color Matching Control (Microsoft Corporation)
ICO Windows Icon (Microsoft Corporation)
ICO GIMP Icon (The GIMP Team)
ICONS Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
ICS iCalendar Calendar Data (Apple Inc.)
ICS SwiftView ICS Command File (SwiftView, Inc.)
ICS CopyControl Generic Copier Floppy Disk Image (Microcosm Ltd.)
ID AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) Buddy Icon (America Online, Inc.)
ID 3D Graphic
ID Notes ID File (IBM)
IDB A-B-CD Info File
IDE ideCAD Architectural Architectural 3D Design Model (ideYAPI Ltd. Sti.)
IDE Grand Theft Auto III Model IDs and Properties (Rockstar Games)
IDE ideCAD Structural Structural 3D Design Model (ideYAPI Ltd. Sti.)
IDF ARTiSAN Real-time Studio ID
IDF Printed Circuit Board Data Exchange File
IDF InspireData File (Inspiration Software, Inc.)
IDL OMG CORBA Interface Definition Language
IDL CRiSP Harvest File
IDS IDA Imported Names Format
IDW Inventor CAD (Autodesk, Inc.)
IDW IntelliDraw Vector Graphic (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
IDX Java Applet Cache Index (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
IDX Ca Visual Objects Platform for Developer (CAVO) Index File (CA)
IDX Index
IES IESNA Photometric File Data (Illuminating Engineering Society)
IFC All Image Compressed Image File (Towodo Software)
IFF Sun TAAC Image File
IFF Amiga Sound (Amiga)
IFF Amiga Bitmap Graphic (Amiga)
IFM IFS Applications Message File (IFS AB)
IFM Brighterion iPrevent Fraud Model
IFM Shana Informed Filler
IFO DVD Info File
IFO BioWare Aurora Engine Information File (BioWare Corp.)
IFS InfoSlips Secure Information Package (InfoSlips)
IFS Fractint Iterated Function System Fractal
IGES Initial 2D/3D Graphics Exchange Specification
IGS CAD Overlay
IIF QuickBooks Import/Export Interchange File (Intuit, Inc.)
ILK Ilink Program Format Outline (Microsoft Corporation)
IMA WinImage File
IMA ImageMixer (Pixela Corporation)
IMA AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) Grey Scale Image (America Online, Inc.)
IMG Bitmap Graphic
IMG CloneCD Image (SlySoft Inc.)
IMG Grand Theft Auto III File (Rockstar Games)
IML ACT! Internet Mail Message File (Best Software CRM Division)
IMP Improv Spreadsheet (IBM)
IMP Gemstar eBook Publisher eBook (Gemstar eBook)
IMP Adobe Audition Convolution Effect (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
IN smartGENERATOR Template (BITPlan)
IN CFAST Input File (U.S. Commerce Department)
IN McAfee Antivirus
INC PSpice Include File (Cadence Design Systems, Inc.)
INC Internet Connection File
INC Active Server Include File
INC JAWS for Windows Text File (Freedom Scientific)
IND InDesign Publication (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
IND Foxmail E-Mail Box Index
INDD InDesign Document (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
INF Autorun File
INF Information or Setup File
INF Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
INI Initialization/Configuration File
INI Simple Exchange Rate Information File Format (SERIFF)
INK Tablet PC Digital Ink File (Microsoft Corporation)
INK Mimio Ink File
INK Intkey Startup Configuration File (DELTA Authors)
INP Abaqus/CAE Input File (Dassault Systèmes)
INP InPage Document (Concept Software)
INP ABAQUS Input File (ABAQUS, Inc.)
INS 1st Reader Install Script
INS Systems Management Server (SMS) Advertising Instruction File (Microsoft Corporation)
INS IIS Internet Communications Settings (Microsoft Corporation)
INSTALL Likely a Text File
INT Signature Semi-compiled Program
INT Devastation Language File (NovaLogic)
INT Delphi Interface Unit (Borland Software Corporation)
INX ACL for Windows Index
INX InstallShield Compiled Rules File (Acresso Software Inc.)
IP IconPackager Theme (Stardock Corporation)
IP Interactive Physics Data (Design Simulation Technologies, Inc.)
IPA iPhone/iPod Touch Application (Apple Inc.)
IPD BlackBerry Backup File (Research In Motion Limited)
IPF SMS Installer Script (Microsoft Corporation)
IPF Grand Theft Auto III Animation Data (Rockstar Games)
IPF F-Secure Incremental Policy File (F-Secure)
IPK internet PacKage Archive (direct Netware Group)
IPK Nintendo DS Packed Images
IPR SMART Ideas Document (SMART Technologies Inc.)
IPR LiveType Animation File (Apple Inc.)
IPR InstallShield Project (Acresso Software Inc.)
IPS IPScript File
IPS Game Patch File
IPS International Patching System Binary Patch File
IPT InterPaint Multicolor Image
IPT Inventor CAD (Autodesk, Inc.)
IQY Internet Inquiry (Microsoft Corporation)
IQY Excel Web Query (Microsoft Corporation)
IRF Phonecat2 Ocp97 File
IRF RoomBox 6 IR Code File (Living Control)
IRS WordPerfect Resource File (Corel Corporation)
IRX Brewer Lamp Irradiation File
ISF Inspiration Concept Map (Flowchart) Document (Inspiration Software, Inc.)
ISF Tektronix Instrument Data File (Tektronix, Inc.)
ISF InfoNet Snapshot File (Wallingford Software Ltd.)
ISM SimulationX Encrypted Model (ITI Gesellschaft für ingenieurtechnische Informationsverarbeitung mbH)
ISM Image System
ISO Virtual PC Virtual CD-ROM Image (Microsoft Corporation)
ISO Easy CD Creator Disc Image (Sonic Solutions)
ISO ISO-9660 CD Disc Image
ISS Caseware IDEA IDEAScript
ISS Inno Setup Script (Jordan Russell's Software)
ISS InstallShield Response File (Acresso Software Inc.)
ISU Easy CD Creator 4 Uninstall File
ISZ WinMount Compressed ISO Image (WinMount International Inc.)
ISZ UltraISO ISO Zipped Format (EZB Systems, Inc.)
ITC iTunes Cover Flow Data File (Apple Inc.)
ITL ITEM ToolKit Library (ITEM Software, Inc.)
ITL IntelliTipster League File (IntelliForecast Labs)
ITL iTunes Music Database File (Apple Inc.)
IVR RealPlayer Internet Video Recording (RealNetworks, Inc.)
IWD Call of Duty Map - Game Data Archive (Activision, Inc.)

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