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Alphabetic File Extension List

This list will take for a moment to be fully loaded as the file extension lists are quite long. These lists contain information about the extension name, the name of the program, and the creator's company. Click on the extension to see the detail page. The total extensions in this list: 123.

Extension Information
FAX Fax File
FBC FamilyTree Compressed Backup File
FBF Free Backup Fix Backup File (Promosoft Corporation)
FBK Fluentizer FluentBook (Fluentizer Inc.)
FBK Train Simulator Shaders Definition File (Microsoft Corporation)
FBK FamilyTree Backup File
FBL CADfix Log File (ITI TranscenData)
FBR FlashBack File (Blueberry Software)
FBW HP Backup Split Backup File (Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.)
FBX Kaydara 3D Data Exchange Format (Autodesk, Inc.)
FBX ArcView Spatial Index File For Read-Only Datasets (ESRI)
FCC Basic Realizer Careal Library File
FCC SiteMinder Security Control File (Netegrity)
FCC PEERNET File Conversion Center Conversion Job (PEERNET Inc.)
FCD Virtual CD-ROM
FCD FastCAD/EasyCAD Output
FCP Final Cut Project (Final Cut)
FCP FLAMES Checkpoint Restart File (Ternion Corporation)
FCW Campaign Cartographer 2 (ProFantasy Software Ltd.)
FDB Firebird Database (Firebird Foundation Incorporated)
FDB Art Explosion Portfolio Catalog (Nova Development Corporation)
FDB Ming Font File (Opaque Industries)
FDD Parallels Desktop for Mac Floppy Disk Drive Image (Parallels, Inc.)
FDD FormDocs Data (Formdocs LLC)
FDD FlexiDATA Database File (Flexible Software Ltd)
FDF Acrobat Portable Document Input Form (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
FDF Origin Fitting Function Definition File (OriginLab Corporation)
FDF Format Definition File (IBM)
FDR Final Draft Document File (Final Draft, Inc.)
FDX Force Index
FF AGFA CompuGraphics Outline Font Description
FFP Corel Graphics 10 Custom File (Corel Corporation)
FH11 FreehandMX Ver. 11 Project File (Macromedia, Inc.)
FID File Investigator (RobWare)
FID Bruker Aspect NMR Data File
FIG MATLAB Plot Figure File (The MathWorks, Inc.)
FIG Cabri Figure (CABRILOG SAS.)
FIG XFIG Graphic File
FIL Media Player 10+ Special Icon Image (Microsoft)
FIL AVG Antivirus Vault File (AVG Technologies)
FILE AS/400 Physical File (IBM)
FILE File With No Extension
FIX Generic Patch File
FLA Free Lossless Audio Codec
FLA Flash Movie Authoring File (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
FLAC Free Lossless Audio Codec
FLC Corel Show
FLC FIGlet Control File
FLD WinFlash Educator Flashcard Options/Statistics File (Open Window Software)
FLD 3D Fassade Plus Field Define Module
FLO RFFlow Flowchart (RFF Electronics)
FLO FlowCharter Document (iGrafx (a division of Corel Inc.))
FLP Corel Flow Project Flow Chart
FLP FL Studio File (Image Line BVBA)
FLP Flash Project (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
FLS WinFlash Educator Flashcard Source File (Open Window Software)
FLS Nokia Phone Flash File (Nokia)
FLS ArcView Windows Help Supporting File (ESRI)
FLT Aldus Import Filter
FLT Word Import Filter (Microsoft Corporation)
FLT Illustrator Filter (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
FLV Flash Video File (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
FLW Kivio Flowchart (
FM FeatureCAM Document (Engineering Geometry Systems)
FMB OnBelay Flash/Disk Media Backup (CompuApps, Inc.)
FMB Oracle Binary Form Source Code (Oracle Corporation)
FMB Flashation Button Build File (Flash Designer)
FMP FantaMorph Project (Abrosoft)
FMP AutoCAD Font Map (Autodesk, Inc.)
FMP FLAMES Model Prototype (Ternion Corporation)
FMT 1-2-3 (Lotus)
FMT Oracle Text Form Format
FMT Format File
FNT M.U.G.E.N Font (Elecbyte)
FNT Font File
FOB Navision Attain Object File
FOL 1st Reader Saved Message Folder
FOL pfs:First Choice Database File
FOLDER Explorer Folder (Microsoft Corporation)
FPF FilterPro Active Filter Design (Texas Instruments Incorporated)
FPF Canadian Flight Wizard
FPK PerFORM Communicator File Packet (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
FPK JetForm FormFlow File (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
FPT NovaBACKUP Backup Database Related Information (NovaStor Corporation)
FPT iAnywhere Memo File (Sybase, Inc.)
FPT Abacus Law Data (Abacus Data Systems, Inc.)
FPX FlashPix Bitmap (Kodak)
FRD Need for Speed Trk2000 Track File
FRM MYOB Form File (MYOB Technology Pty Ltd.)
FRM CT Summation iBlaze Database Form File (CT Summation, Inc.)
FRM MySQL Generic Dictionary File (MySQL AB)
FRT FoxPro Report File (Microsoft Corporation)
FRX FoxPro Report File (Microsoft)
FRX Visual Basic Form File (Microsoft Corporation)
FS NetBSD File
FS FlexiSIGN File (Scanvec Amiable)
FS Gforth Forth Stream Source File (Free Software Foundation, Inc.)
FSB FMOD Sample Bank Format (Firelight Technologies Pty, Ltd.)
FSD COCO Flowsheet Document (AmsterCHEM)
FSD Sheets Document (Leaf Twenty-Five)
FSD FacetWin Backup File Set (FacetCorp)
FSO Adobe Flash Media Server File System Object (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
FTL Family Tree Legends Family File (Pearl Street Software)
FTL FreeMarker Template (FreeMarker Project)
FTL Future Tense Texture (Future Tense, Ltd.)
FTP FTP Configuration Information
FTP FTP Voyager Document (Rhino Software, Inc.)
FTS CHASE Evaluation and Audit System Help File (CHASE.FTS) (Health And Safety Technology And Management Ltd.)
FTS FastTrack Schedule File (AEC Software, Inc.)
FTS ArcView UNIX Help Supporting File (ESRI)
FTW Family Tree Maker Family Tree File (, Inc.)
FTW FontTwister File
FTW FormTool Pro Form File (IMSI/Design LLC)
FX WordPerfect Office Template File (Corel Corporation)
FX DirectX D3DXEffect Object (Microsoft Corporation)
FXG BigFix Fixlet Pool (BigFix, Inc.)
FXP FoxPro Compiled Source (Microsoft Corporation)
FXP HALion Sampler File (Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH.)

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