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File Extension .X_T Details

This page contains details for file extension .X_T. There may be multiple entries on this page. And because there are many associations for a same file extension, not all of them are listed here. This page contains 1 record(s) for file extension .X_T.

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The details for each of these are shown below. You can select the information that applies to you by note for any hints provided.

Extension: X_T
Program and/or Extension Function [What's This?] Company [What's This?]
Parasolid CAD File UGS Corp.
Specific Notes [What's This?]
Also known as a Modeller Transmit File. Parasolid is a geometric modeling kernel available to be licensed by other companies for use in their 3D computer graphics software products.

General Info

  • If the extension in the form .??_ the file is probably a compressed file and part of an install routine.
  • If the file is an audio file with any three-character extension it may be a dictation file. The file could likewise be a dictation file in TrueSpeech format. Use Windows Sound Recorder and/or Media Player to play these back.
  • If the extension you are looking for has a number at the end or is only a number, consider replace the number using zero or one as some programs produce numbered split files but only the first entry is in the database.

Need more information, try a Google search below using file extension name along with keyword like "format," "convert," "conversion," and even "hacking".


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